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Explore the huge world of numismatics with us. Over the last 30 years we have been dealing with bullion coins and developed a great knowledge base in money, coinage and collecting bullion. Coin Collectors can find the latest coin releases, as well as commemorative coins, collector coins and investment coins in gold and silver. EMK offers coins from all major Mints and Issuing Authorities from Australia, China, Germany, Canada, Russia, USA. Along with other oversea locations we offer Euro-Coins of the European countries, especially from the smaller countries like Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican City State. Every 2 Euro coin is also available in different kinds of qualities to fit each collectors need.


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30 Years of EMK – Our experience is your advantage

We offer coins from all major Mints and Issuing Authorities from Australia, China, Germany, Europe, Canada, Russia, USA and other overseas locations. Along with overseas options we also offer the EURO coins from 19 European countries and the small countries of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. All 2 Euro Coins are also available in different qualities to meet collector needs, each collector will find something from us to add to his collection even rare coins. We also offer bullion investment coins in the classical 1 ounce size eg. Krugerrand, Gold Panda, Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Philharmonic, Gold Eagle or Gold Kangaroo as well as all other sizes. We are very strong in the numismatic themed coins eg. Olympic Games, flora and fauna, ship designs, colored coins, lunar coins and many more designs from around the world. You will also find a broad variety of gift ideas around coin collecting as well as accesorries to compliment and secure your coin treasures.


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