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Australian Kangaroo - Coins Collection

The kangaroo is probably one of Australia's most famous landmarks. The Australian gold coin belongs to the most important investment coins worldwide and was first minted in 1986 by the Australian Perth Mint , at that time still under the name "Nugget". The gold nugget adorned the gold coin as a motive in the years from 1986 to 1989. Since 1990, the coin is minted with an annually changing motive of the kangaroo. Since the year of minting in 2016, the Royal Australian Mint has followed suit and is also issuing a kangaroo gold coin in various ounces. The silver coin "Australian Kangaroo" has been issued by the Royal Australian Mint since 1993. It is limited and classified as a collectors coin, which is also reflected in the higher issue prices compared to classic bullion coins. Since 2016 the Perth Mint has been issuing an "Australian Kangaroo" silver coin ever since. In our "Australia Kangaroo Coins Collection" you will find a large range of kangaroo coins of the two prestigious Australian mints in gold and silver.
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