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Collection | 2 Euro Commemorative Coins


A very interesting and popular field for collectors are the 2 Euro Coins, which are issued in all Euro countries in addition to the Euro Coins in gold and silver. In May 2004, the first 2 Euro commemorative Coin ever was released. It was the beginning of a very strong collecting field. All European countries with the euro as common currency are now part of the collection and are authorized to isuue up to two 2 Euro Coins per year and country since 2012. The permanent supply of new issues ensures tension. The large selection and variety of different motives of meanwhile 23 countries inspires collectors throughout Europe and even outside the Euro area. In addition to the less expensive circulation coins, there are also modern rarities in extremely limited editions. Most of them are issues of the four small states Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican. The various motives range from great personalities of a country to special anniversaries and historical happenings all the way to national or international events. In our large selection of 2 Euro Coins, passionate coin collectors will sure get what they need!

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