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Euro Coins for Collectors

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The Euro was officially introduced as common currency on January 1, 2002 and has become the official currency in 19 European countries as well as the four small states Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican. Around 340 million people live in the Euro zone and it is estimated today that 10% of the Europeans are concerned with collecting Euro Coins. This makes it by far the largest collecting area in the world and with each new Euro country new Euro collectors are appearing. In addition to the Euro Coins in gold and silver collecting 2 Euro Coins is extremely popular. We offer a large selection of Euro Coins, Euro Mintsets and novelties from all European Mints as well as the popular euro issues of the euro small states Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican.

  • Silver Niobium Coin Series
  • German Provinces
  • Animal Thaler
  • Austria Wildlife
  • Native Birds
  • Musical Instruments

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  • Vatican City 2018
    Euro - Mintset
    9 coins - incl. 5 € Coin
    8,88 Euro | Various | Uncirculated
    Mintage only 10,000 sets
    In stock
    115,00 € Show Product
  • San Marino 2015
    Euro - Mintset
    incl. 5 € Year of the Light
    8,88 Euro | Various | Uncirculated
    Mintage 17,000 sets
    Low stock
    59,00 € Show Product

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