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Congo 2019

50th Anniversary Moon Landing - 1 Oz

Dome Shaped

20 Francs | 1 Oz Silver | Antique Finish
Mintage only 1,000 pieces
Item No. IKKON01901
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Technical Specifications
Country Congo
Denomination 20 FRS.
Year of issue 2019
Metal Silver
Quality Antique Finish
Mintage 1.000
Diameter 38,70
Series 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing
Weight in ounces 1
Gross weight 31,1
Fineness 999
Delivery In original box with certificate of authenticity
Delivery time (days) 2-3

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
1 Oz Silver - Antique Finish - Dome shaped Coin

  • Dome shaped 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin
  • 1 Ounce 99,9% Silver
  • With Moon shaped Box
  • Mintage only 1,000 pieces
  • In original Box with Certificate of Authenticity

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", Neil Armstrong said this famous phrase in July 1969 when he was the first person to enter the surface of the moon. This coin of one ounce silver is dedicated to this very special event. The surface of the domed coin has been given an antique finish and is modeled like the moon. The motive also contains the inscriptions "50TH ANNIVERSARY MOON LANDING" and "1969-2019". A special feature of the coin is that you can put the small US flag into the coin and so into the surface of the moon. This dome shaped silver coin comes with certificate in a coin case shaped like the moon.


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