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South Africa 2018

Natura - Launch Prestige Set

The Rise of the Dinosaurs

100 Rand | 1 Oz Gold | Proof
Mintage only 200 sets !
Item No. IKSUD11880
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Technical Specifications
Country South Africa
Denomination 100 RAND
Year of issue 2018
Metal Gold
Quality Proof
Mintage 200
Diameter 32,69
Mint South African Mint
Series Natura - Palaeontology
Weight in ounces 1
Gross weight 59,8
Fineness 999,9
Delivery In original wooden box with certificate of authenticity
Delivery time (days) 2-3

Natura - Launch Prestige Set - Palaeontology
1 Oz Gold - Proof

  • 1 Ounce of 99,99% Gold
  • Limited Mintage only 200 sets
  • In Box with Certificate of Authenticity

A new chapter in the award-winning Natura series begins with the introduction of palaeontology, in recognition of South Africa’s significance to this field and study of plant and animal fossils. In this first instalment of the palaeontology-themed coins, the focus is ‘Rise of the dinosaurs - Archosauria’ over the five 24ct gold coins. The collection brings to life the ‘Archosauria’ - crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs and birds or the ruling reptiles that roamed and soared freely in Southern Africa some 200 million years ago. The rise of the archosaurs and their evolution is a significant event in the history of life on land, since they not only led to the evolution of dinosaurs and birds, but also to the pterosaurs (flying reptiles) and crocodiles. Archosaurs are regarded as the direct ancestors of the dinosaurs and the fossil records from the Karoo Supergroup’s rocks hold the key to understanding their early evolutionary history. The 1oz R100 coin features the Coelophysidae which were highly successful primitive theropod dinosaurs that lived worldwide from the late Triassic to early Jurassic. Coelophysis rhodesiensis, a small, agile dinosaur which preyed on small animals, inhabited South Africa and Zimbabwe during the early part of the Jurassic period. This slenderly built, bipedal dinosaur grew up to 3 m long and weighed about 32 kg. The set also includes a sterling silver rectangular medallion featuring the logo of the South African Mint and hallmark on the reverse and on the obverse, footprints of the Coelophysis together with the year 2018 in Roman Numerals. The set is delivered in a noble wooden box with certificate.

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