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Solomon Islands 2021

Number Pi - 1 Oz

Premium Bullion Coin

3,14 $ | 1 Oz Silver | Uncirculated
Mintage only 5,000 pieces
Item No. IBSAL202101
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59,50 €
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Technical Specifications
Country Solomon Islands
Denomination 3,14 $
Year of issue 2021
Metal Silver
Quality Uncirculated
Mintage 5.000
Diameter 38,63
Series Number Pi
Weight in ounces 1
Gross weight 31,1
Fineness 999
Delivery In Capsule
Delivery time (days) 2-3

Number Pi - 2021
1 Oz Silver - Uncirculated

  • Premium Bullion Coin
  • 99.9% Silver
  • Mintage only 5,000 pieces
  • Delivery in Capsule

This Premium Bullion Coin is dedicated to the most famous number in the history of mathematics - the number Pi π. The motive shows a portrait of Archimedes, one of the main scientists responsible for determining the value of Pi. The symbol for Pi π, the denomination "3.14 DOLLARS" and parts of the number Pi are also included in the design. The reverse depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the year of issue, weight and fineness. The number Pi π is a mathematical constant that describes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The first geometric derivation for Pi goes back to the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes (287-212 BC), which is why Pi π is also known as "Archimedes' constant." Pi has an approximate value of 3.14159, is irrational and has an infinite number of decimal places. The strictly limited premium bullion coin in uncirculated quality is delivered in a protective capsule.

:   If you order 20 coins, the coins are delivered in the original sealed sheet.

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