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Mexico 2017

Aztec Calendar - 1 Kilo

In original Box

100 Pesos | 1 Kilo Silver | Antique Finish
Mintage only 1,000 pieces
Item No. IBMX201730A
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Technical Specifications
Country Mexico
Denomination 100 NP.
Year of issue 2017
Metal Silver
Quality Antique Finish
Mintage 1.000
Diameter 110,00
Mint Banco de Mexico
Series Aztec Calendar
Weight in ounces 32,15
Gross weight 1.000
Fineness 999
Delivery In original box with certificate of authenticity
Delivery time (days) 2-3

100 Pesos - Aztec Calendar - 2017
1 Kilo Silver - Antique Finish

  • Mintage only 1,000 pieces
  • In original Box with Certificate of Authenticity
  • With Necklace

Aztec Calendar 2017 - Coin of one kilo 99.9% silver in antique finish. The normal Aztec calendar was based on the solar year and was xihuitl (at the Mayan haab). It had 18 months that comprised of 20 days each, plus 5 additional days to include misfortune fully (unlucky days). Each month had four weeks and 5 days each. The last day of the week was public market day (tianquiztli) and also rest day. There were a total of 288 working days and 72 tianquiztli year. During the 5 unlucky days you should not work. This yielded a total of 365 days. But as a year is about 6 hours longer, an excess resulted in days. Therefore, after each 52 years 12 ½ switching days was inserted. A more accurate approximation of the solar year was achieved in the European calendar.

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