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USA 2020

The Sun - 1 Oz

Solar System (1.) - Domed

1 $ | 1 Oz Silver | Proof
Mintage max. 1,500 collections
Item No. IUSI002025
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Technical Specifications
Country USA
Denomination 1 $
Year of issue 2020
Metal Silver
Quality Proof
Mintage 1.500
Diameter 39,00
Series Solar System
Weight in ounces 1
Gross weight 31,1
Fineness 999
Delivery In original box with certificate of authenticity
Delivery time (days) 2-3

Solar System - The Sun (1.)
1 Oz Silver - Proof - Dome shaped Coin - in Color

  • 1st Issue of the 9 Coin Series Solar System
  • Including Collection Box for all coins of the Series
  • 99.9% Silver
  • Innovative Dome shaped Coin
  • Mintage max. only 1,500 collections
  • Delivery in Collection Box

The first issue of the new Solar System Series is dedicated to the Sun. The motive of the dome shaped coin depicts a colored and detailed image of the sun in the colors yellow and orange. The convex shape of the silver coin adds depth to the sun, making it appear rounded and particularly realistic. The reverse features the inscription "THE SOLAR SYSTEM", the fineness, the year of issue and the American Eagle. The sun is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma at the center of our solar system. The sun’s diameter is about 1.39 million kilometers and it is the most important star for the earth and it´s organisms. The strictly limited silver coin in proof quality is delivered in the original collection box for all nine coins of the series, in which each planet can be displayed around the central sun coin. Also included is a certificate of authenticity.

More Information about the Sun: To Website of Astrokramkiste

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